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Welcome to the HTIAA Austin Chapter! Click the link above to update your member information. 

Huston-Tillotson University has certainly seen many changes. We have seen new buildings emerge, new faces in faculty, staff, and administration and new life in the student body. Our programs are growing in number and evolving to meet the needs of the students, and student life builds with pride year by year.

Our Alumni Association is also continually evolving to support the campus, community, and future graduates' needs. As an organization, we provide activities, outings and community services that benefit both the campus and the association members. As a student, you've likely benefited from HTIAA in one way or another without even knowing. In giving back to the campus community, we participate in activities including, but not limited to: social outings, networking sessions, fundraising for scholarships and various educational activities.

One thing that remains consistent is the value of your HTIAA Austin Chapter membership. 

New graduate membership is waived for one year with the Huston-Tillotson International Alumni Association, so before your membership expires, please attend at least one meeting or event and see how our chapter can continue to make YOUR life better.

If you have ideas for activities or would like to participate, please renew your membership and sign up for an event. You can even join us at any of our meetings, held every 2nd Saturday in the Dickey-Lawless Auditorium at 10am, to actively participate in the chapter as well.

For more information please contact us at 

 Membership Dues

Membership dues are a donation of $60 for the year. The $60 includes both national ($35) and local ($25) dues. 


International Fiscal Year: July 1st - June 30th

Local Fiscal Year: June 1st - May 31st

Make checks payable to:

HTIAA -Austin Chapter

P.O. Box 6751

Austin, TX 78762

 Dues can also be paid online below:

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